Stem cell therapy helps assist the body’s natural ability to repair and regenerate. The intelligence that created us can help us heal and thrive. The field of stem cell therapy has gone through exponential growth in the last few decades. Numerous scientific studies from around the world have demonstrated the ability of stem cells (esp. Mesenchymal Stem Cells, a.k.a. MSC’s) to calm inflammation, modulate the immune system, enhance tissue blood supply, break down scar tissue, fight microbes and cancerous cells, protect vulnerable tissue adjacent to damaged areas, and promote local cellular regeneration.

Many myths about stem cell therapy circulate on the internet; truth and real science got lost in the shuffle. Dr. Kong is an avid educator and a well-known pioneer in the regenerative medicine field. She provides education both to physicians and the public on the science and practice of stem cell therapy. She was voted Top Stem Cell Doctor of the Year in 2019, and Top Stem Cell Doctor of the Decade in 2021. At Uplyft, under Dr. Kong’s leadership, we select the most potent and safest source of stem cells, and created tailored tissue transplant protocols to each individual. We are results-driven, and deliver our care with integrity and compassion.

Two types of patients come to our clinic seeking stem cell therapy: people who suffer from chronic conditions who received inadequate help from traditional medical approaches, and people who are already healthy, but want to enjoy vibrant health, maintain youthfulness and enhance longevity.

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