It is almost inevitable that we would injure ourselves at some point; and as we age, our bodies start to have trouble keeping up with the repair so we end up with unhealed injuries and persistent aches and pains. Yet, so much of these damages can be reversed, if we can just send the body the right signals so it does not get stuck in inflammation, but rather, start to engage in regeneration.

That’s exactly what we do at Uplyft. We do not use steroid or other drugs to camouflage the symptoms, in the meantime causing bone damage and other side effects. Instead, we utilize regenerative signals, be it from youthful cells, natural growth factors or peptides. We aim at quickly calming any raging inflammation, and allow the body to recruit its own immune system and local regeneration mechanisms to remove damaged cells and form new healthy tissues.

Our approach allows for the kind of healing that is holistic and complete, with only anti-aging benefits as side effects.

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