The central role of mental health in our lives cannot be overstated. Without it, life becomes chaotic and painful.

With Dr. Kong’s expertise in the fields of both psychiatry and addiction medicine, she is superbly qualified to help patients with mental health issues, be it depression, anxiety, PTSD or addiction. Ketamine therapy has also shown great promise in the treatment of migraines and chronic pain. 

Ketamine has been an FDA-approved medication for anesthetic use for over 50 years, with a tremendous safety record, so much so that it is listed as an “essential medication” by the World Health Organization (WHO). At much lower doses than used for anesthesia, ketamine can bring about profound positive changes in the brain, and enhances neuroplasticity. It has proven be a powerful and unparalleled tool in treating some of the most difficult-to-treat conditions. At Uplyft, we have had great success using our proprietary protocol, to bring about transformative changes in our patients’ lives.

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