Brain Health

Brain Health

Our brain is our vehicle into the world and the enjoyment of life, yet too many people suffer from depression, anxiety, memory issues, addiction, brain fog, headaches, etc, not to mention the many neurodegenerative or cardiovascular-related conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or stroke.

At Uplyft, under the leadership of Dr. Joy Kong, who is triple board-certified in psychiatry, addiction medicine, and anti-aging & regenerative medicine, we are uniquely qualified and passionate about your brain health. We understand that brain disorders have complex origins, and we need to target the root causes of such deterioration, such as rising inflammation, immune dysregulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, etc.

At Uplyft, we utilize powerful and well-researched therapies to reverse the driving forces of these brain conditions. The tools we utilize include regenerative medicine, ketamine therapy, ozone therapy, energy therapy, and other IV nutrient therapies. 

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